Live From Gayville Hall: A Tribute to Chester Olson

Area musicians gathered to perform "old-time" acoustic music in a concert at the Gayville Hall April 30, 2005. The concert was in tribute to the memory of Wakonda area musician Chester Olson.

Olson was a fiddle and guitar maker, player, mentor, and advocate of a wide variety of music and musical performance. Chester, or Chet, was representative of a generation of musicians in the midwest that grew up performing in living rooms, at barn dances, and for community gatherings.

Chet Olson's memory, influence, and the music he loved, lives on at many informal gatherings and public performances such as this tribute concert.

An audio and video archive will be available below as a "play media" file soon.
A CD or DVD of the broadcast program is available my contacting South Dakota Public Broadcasting at 1-800-456-0766.