Who We Are

South Dakota Public Broadcasting is one of South Dakota's most valuable resources.
We make personal impact on individuals on a daily basis through Radio, Television, Internet and Outreach. SDPB is South Dakota.

SDPB provides access to democracy. We offer citizens news, information, debates, documentaries, legislative action and more.

SDPB is the home to South Dakota High School Champions. Our unique partnership with the SDHSAA makes us the sole entity to feature South Dakota's best and brightest athletes, scholars and artists in competition and performance for state-wide audiences. And high school media students from across the state learn by participating in the productions.

SDPB is the arts. SDPB's on-air and online network gives ALL South Dakotan's cost-effective access to our finest indigenous and visiting performing artists, regardless of means or geographic location. SDPB's coverage makes South Dakota's arts dollars go farther by bringing the performing arts of all kinds to even the most remote corners of the state. As South Dakota attempts to recruit businesses and professionals to the state, expectation for access to the arts is increasing sharply. SDPB is our state's most cost-effective vehicle for arts exposure.
SDPB captures and distributes music of South Dakota's top musicians (SD Symphony, Black Hills Symphony), and gives free, on-demand access to top visiting musicians, like The Dakota Sky Piano Festival featuring up-and-coming, world-class pianists.

SDPB is education.
We reach out to thousands of parents, teachers, caregivers and libraries to talk about literacy, family, health and more, making South Dakota's Education dollars go farther.
In 2009 SDPB distributed nearly 18,000 books. Head Start programs receive free children's books as a part of SDPB's Ready to Learn program.

And the programming SDPB airs has proven value to our young audience.

SDPB is science. Along with critically-acclaimed science programming on TV and Radio:

SDPB is history. We preserve the stories of each generation.

SDPB is diversity. We offer programming that celebrates our differences and our similarities. We encourage understanding and tolerance by exploring the lives and cultures of different kinds of people.

SDPB is South Dakota.