South Dakota Infrastructure

In this ongoing series of radio and television reports and programs, SDPB examines a wide range of critical infrastructure infrastructure issues across South Dakota.

Topics include:
Electricity, transmission and distribution; Gas, natural gas, and oil production, transport and distribution;
Telecommunications, phone, internet, radio/television, information storage and access; Water Supply; Agriculture, food production and distribution; Education, K-12,Post-Secondary, and Vocational training; Public Health; Transportation; Security; Financial services; and Waste

Programs will be part of SDPB Television's South Dakota Focus, SDPB Radio's Dakota Digest and South Dakota Midday.

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SDPB Radio: Index of SDPB "Infrastructure" series programs and stories


SDPB Television: "South Dakota Focus" "Infrastructure" series programs

"Infrastructure on the Reservation" - 11/21/2013

"Transportation" - 10/31/2013

"Bedroom Communities" - 9/26/2013

"South Dakota Infrastructure (Overview)" - 5/30/2013