Live From DUSEL

Air Date: 07/08/2011

SDPB News Director Cara Hetland hosts today's Innovation from the depths of the Deep Underground Science and Engineering Laboratory in the Black Hills.  She's joined by South Dakota Governor Dennis Daugaard and South Dakota Science Technology Authority Director of Operations Greg King in the first segment.  Daugaard talks about how the mine has changed and his administration's goals for science and innovation.

Second segment guests include DUSEL co-principal investigator Bill Roggenthen and Science Liaison Director Jaret Heise.

Hetland is also joined by John Orell, a research scientist with the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, and Cabot-Ann Christofferson, Majorana liaison to the Sanford Lab.

DUSEL Information Officer Bill Harlan also stops by to close out the show.

Click here to see Cara's interview 4,850 ft. below the surface!


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