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A Letter From the Playwright, Dr. Wayne S. Knutson

A Conversation on "The Stavig Letters."  (Dr. Wayne S. Knutson and Rasmus Sunde)

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Credit List

This Program was based on

"The Stavig Letters"
Selected, Edited and Dramatized by
Dr. Wayne Knutson

©1996 by Heritage Museums of Roberts County
All Rights Reserved

From original family letters collected by Harold Torness
Translated by Marta and Bruce Boyce

Donated to Romsdal Museum, Molde, Norway
By Dorothy Stavig and Kare Stavik

James P. Sprecher

Kyle Mork

Associate Producer
Kevin Patten

Videography- South Dakota
Joel Rische
Rex Kinnear
Saturnino John

Production Assistant
Paul Ebsen

Videography- Norway
John Rasmussen

Stills- Norway
Jane Rasmussen
John Rasmussen

Videography- New England
Jim Sprecher

Audio Sweetening
Kevin Patten

SeVern Ashes
Mike Johnson
Tim Tilden
Troy Schmidt

Production Secretary
Kim Kelly

SDPB Marketing
Fritz Miller
Carol Robertson
Ruth Bylander
Amanda Schieffer

SDPB Educational Services
Sherrill Rodgers
Wess Pravecek
Steve Rokusek

SDPB Online Services
Kent Osborne
Laura Dimock
Brian Gevik

The Voices:

Sarah Rasmussen

Lars Stavig
Gary Westgard

Knut Stavik
John Rasmussen

Andrew Stavig
Kevin Patten

Magnus Stavig
Paul Guggenheimer

Louise Stavig Anderson
Jane Rasmussen

Hans Stavig
Bob Bosse

Lawrence Stavig
Chad Andersen

Norwegian "voice of Lars"
Rasmus Sunde

Norwegian "voice of Knut"
Arne Sunde

The Actors

Lars the Younger
Paul Guggenheimer

Lars at Middle Age
Gary Westgard

Lars the Elder
Art Torness

Louise Stavig
Darlis LaBahn

Knut the Younger
Paul Rasmussen

Knut the Elder
Kare Stavik

Hunter Christopherson

Narration Recorded at NPR Studios

New York City
Recording Engineer: Neal Rauch

Music Performance

Traditional Norwegian Hardanger Fiddle Music Performed by Ingvild Habbestad

Recorded in Kolborn Church, Oslo, Norway
By Trond Kjelsas

All Performance Rights Reserved

Hardanger Fiddle Music
All Traditional

Brudemarsj - Bridal March from Seljord
Morsfars vise - Grandpa's Song
Reinlender - Norwegian Dance
I himmelen - In Heaven Above, religious folk tune
Rotnheimsknut - Knut from Rotnheim
Myllargutens bruremarsj - "Myllarguten"'s Bridal March
Fanitullen Siste laten han Sulhusgubben spela - The Last Tune the Sulhus Man ever Played

All Additional Music from
American Music Company
DeWolfe Music


 Amerikabrev 1880-1950 Rasmus Sunde
Sogndal, Norway

Fraena Commune Fotoarkiv
Elnesvagen, Norway

Great War Primary Document Archive

Library of Congress
Prints and Photographic Division

National Archives and Records Administration
Prints and Photographic Division

Rick W. Mills Collection
Battle Creek Publishing

Romsdalsmuseet (Romsdal Museum)
Molde, Norway

South Dakota Art Museum
Harvey Dunn Collection
Brookings, SD

South Dakota State Historical Society

Pierre, SD

Stavig House Museum
Sisseton, SD

Very Special Thanks

Filming Locations

Gregg Christensen - Swenumson Homestead, Sisseton , SD

LeRoy Hellwig - Buffalo Lake Ranch, Sisseton, SD

Calvin Hove - Hove Ranch, Sisseton, SD

Bruce Prins- Prairie Sky Ranch, Veblen, SD

Rod Westby & Rosholt Threshing Bee - Rosholt, SD

Zion Lutheran Church - Veblen, SD

Consultants in South Dakota

Wayne and Ester Knutson- Vermillion, SD

Yvonne Hippen- Stavig House Museum

John and Jane Rasmussen - Stavig House Museum

In Norway

Mads Langnes, Romsdal Museum

Jarle Sanden, Romsdal Museum

Arne Sunde, Sogn og Fjordane

Rasmus Sunde, Sogndal College 

For South Dakota Public Broadcasting

Production Manager
Brad Van Osdel

Director of Engineering
SeVern Ashes

Director of Television
Bob Bosse

Executive Producer
James P. Sprecher

This program was funded in part by
a Grant from the South Dakota Humanities Council,
an affiliate of the National Endowment for the Humanities

With additional assistance from the Stavig House Museum
Sisseton, SD

For more information on The Stavig Letters go to

Copyright 2011
South Dakota Public Broadcasting
All Rights Reserved