Agriculture, Fahim Fazli and Charles Dickens

Dakota Midday - 05/22/2012

Dallas Tonsager, USDA Undersecretary for Rural Development, shares his thoughts on the past, present and future of agriculture in the United States.

Fahim Fazli and Michael Moffett join Dakota Midday to share the story of Fazli's life in his new book, "Fahim Speaks: A Warrior-Actor's Odyssey from Afghanistan to Hollywood and Back." Fazli grew up in Afghanistan, but fled after the Soviet invasion and found asylum in the U.S. He settled in California where he eventually found work as a Hollywood actor. But then he left his family and career behind to return to Afghanistan where he served as an interpreter for U.S. Marines.

The words of Charles Dickens are echoing through the Matthews Opera House in Spearfish all this week and Sian Young, Executive Director of the Spearfish Arts Center, talks about the reading event. People started reading his novels aloud on stage Sunday morning and are continuing to read non-stop until next Sunday, May 27th. Funds from the event are being used to upgrade the Matthews' sound system.

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