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19th Century Turning Points in U.S. History

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Grades 7-12; Social Studies; Eight episodes
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America entered the 19th Century an agricultural nation of 16 states and 5.3 million people. The series shows the country experience three wars and become an industrial power of 45 states and 76 million people.

101. 1800-1813
102. 1814-1826
103. 1827-1846
104. 1846-1860
105. 1861-1865
106. 1866-1870
107. 1871-1881
108. 1882-1898

Alaska-Sewards Folly
American Expansion
Civil War
Civil War Battle - Antietam
Gold in the West
Gold in the Best- Blank
Lewis and Clark- Blank
Lewis and Clark-Expedition
Oklahoma Territory
Train Route Hubs
Trans Continental Railroad
Westward Expansion
Westward Expansion-Blank

Amendments to the Constitution
Black Hawk's Autobio
Chinese Exclusion Act of 1882
Civil Rights Act of 1866
Constitution of the Confederacy
Constitution of the USA
Declaration of Independence
Emancipation Proclamation
Gettysburg Address
Hawaii-US Treaty 1849
Homestead Act of 1862
Louisiana Purchase
National Anthem
Treaty of Japan